Our family’s story of Edisto begins as many great stories commence—with only a slight foreshadowing of the impact the island would have on our family.  Jo’s parents, Beth and Bob, first came to Edisto on the promise of a free golf weekend.  Never intending to accept the resort’s timeshare sales pitch, Beth and Bob nevertheless left that weekend of tees, greens, and (no) hole-in-ones with a commitment to return.  Something about the island had captivated their imagination; they saw their grandchildren’s bare feet churning through the sand, chubby hands reaching to pluck the “perfect” shell, and eager mouths gathering around the table for piles of freshly steamed shrimp.  Fortunately for the grandchildren, the vision came true.
Our family’s story of Edisto has continued now for four generations.  Our children have spent close to twenty summers in the shade of Spanish moss and in the sun glinting off marshes, and our grandchildren have encountered their first waves on these beaches.  We have fallen in love with the laid-back rhythm of this island and are grateful for the lack of traffic lights, fast food joints, and other accouterments of commercialism so prevalent in our lives elsewhere.  Despite the many years we have returned “home” to Edisto, we continue to find new restaurants, charming shops, and meandering roads to delight our senses.
We are happy to share our home, Waves of Grace, with you.  We hope the time you spend here will write the first chapters in your story of Edisto.
Your hosts,
Jo and Hank

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